András Szőllősi - Andrea Götz

We made the first dance steps in 1987 as ballroomdancers and we were two of the founders of the locally well known formation Dance Group Botafogo. We stopped participating at competitions in 1992 and during these years we tasted some other dances, too like Hungarian folk dance, flamenco, African dance, tap dance until we reached tango Argentino in 1993.

As that time in Hungary noone taught autentic tango yet, we decided to go to Buenos Aires. We spent one year there from 1995 autumn visiting milongas and tango lessons with different teachers. We have always preferred the "public" style (versus show style, tango for stage), we have learned mostly from peolple dancing in the milongas, but we took lessons from Aurora Lubiz and Jorge Firpo, Graciéla Gonzales, Jorge Rodriguez, Marta and Luis canyengue teachers, Rubén Terbalca and later from Horacio Godoy and Chicho (among others). Since 1996 we visited Buenos Aires some times (never enough) and Montevideo, the other craddle of the tango, where a film (Domingeando) was shot about the tango life in Montevideo with András as the protagonist.

Some years ago we have started to make coreographies for stage based on the authentic tango movements analyzed and changed them in a contemporary way. They were performed in the Palace of Arts and the National Dance Theatre in Budapest.

Tango for us is about improvisation in harmony with the music and your partner.

Argentine tango is a city folk dance, a living tradition always in change. In our classes we stress how to lead precisely to make the dance comfortable for both of the dancers and through teaching steps we try to introduce people to the system of tango to make students capable to create their own variations. Tango is like a language: you learn words and rules then you apply them according to your own taste creating beautiful sentences and conversations together with your partner. We give private lessons if required.

We established the very first milonga of Budapest in 1998 (called "Tango y Alma") and we keep organizing it every Wednesday at Bem rakpart 6. next to the Chain Bridge.